I’ve been a little lax in my The Bigger Loser 6 viewing. But with a high school reunion looming in a month, I decided I needed a little motivation. School me, Bob and Jillian!

First challenge? A room filled with peanut butter cups, brownies, bagels, doughnuts and my personal weakness, cupcakes!! Whoever eats the most calories gets to pick who goes on Bob’s or Jillian’s teams.

I never get these challenges. The contestants are there to lose weight, and yet they are forced to eat the foods that got their fat booties there. And more importantly, it’s making me think of chocolate!

Heba tries to take control of the situation by announcing she’ll eat a doughnut to keep the people who have trained with Bob together (sure that’s the reason!). Commotion ensues, a couple more people chow down. But Heba eats two doughnuts and gets control in the end.

Her strategy is to split up families. Hey, her hubby’s gone. Why should be the only one to suffer? And nothing motivates more than family feuds!

Bob is pissed when he learns Phil is off the team. Heba says it was for her sanity. Is your sanity worth losing $250,000? I don’t think so!

The big challenge is the longest in Loser history. They have to climb a mountain for 14 hours. That’s crazy talk!

The teams get at it, realize the challenge is insane and make a mutual agreement to take a four-hour break in the middle of the day.

During their afternoon siesta, Black team’s Shellay and Coleen wonder if the Blue team is actually breaking their pact. They contemplate breaking it themselves.

Luckily, in un-Loser like backstabbing style, Coleen keeps the pact. And the Black team wins the two extra pounds honestly.

At the weigh-in, Michelle — who was considering exiting the game — announces she’s staying, and lost seven pounds. Not bad, girl!

But even with the extra weight, it’s not enough to defeat the Blue team, who take the weigh-in. Emotional moments for the families split on both sides.

So who goes home? Coleen’s got the deciding the vote, and it’s Shellay! So much for bonding during the challenge break.

But the gal who wore a size 18 is no more. Shellay’s now a fit and fierce size 10! Hot mama, indeed!

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