With New Moon coming out in just two weeks, Twilight stars Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed have opened up about life in the eye of the vampire storm.

“We were just making a little independent film in Portland,” Nikki, 21, tells Nylon magazine [via Popsugar]. “I don’t know what happened… We’ve lived this entire year in shock.”

Kellan —who plays Emmett Cullen, husband to Nikki’s character Rosalie Hale — admits he has some tricks to walking around incognito.

“I used to love going to my local high school football games near my house. And I can’t really go there anymore, without being wise… I do have a few wigs, actually,” the 24-year-old says.

“And sometimes I grow my facial hair out. I wanted to walk around Comic-Con this year, so I dressed kinda homeless. But someone recognized me and posted it online. I was like, ‘Thanks. Now I can’t wear that again.'”

Meanwhile, with Rachelle Lefevre being replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard in the role of the vengeful vampire, Victoria, Nikki says, “Bryce is handling it like a champion. She’s beautiful, talented, and a wonderful addition.”

Let the countdown begin!

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