It’s not just the models who don’t get along on America’s Next Top Model!

According to a show insider, the hostess with the mostest, Tyra Banks, and photographer Jay Manuel are this-close to having a catfight on the catwalk.

“Tyra Banks is not getting along with Jay Manuel,” an insider tells OK! “She thinks he has become a diva and is ungrateful to her for making him a star. The way she sees it, it’s thanks to her that he now has a makeup line, a show on Style Network and hosts Canada’s version of Top Model.”

So how bad has it gotten? So bad that the 34-year-old supermodel reportedly phones in all her takes for the show now. “Tyra barely interacts with the contestants and only wants to show up on judging day," the source adds.

Even worse — she doesn’t want to return for the next season.

"She wants another supermodel to replace her for cycle 13 so she can focus on her other projects," the source says. "She has a lot on her plate. Something’s got to give."

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