For anyone who thought Tyra Banks was nothing more than a pretty face, the model turned TV powerhouse put the final nail in that coffin on Sunday when her Tyra Banks Show picked up the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Talk Show for the second year in a row.

“The Emmy means so, so much,” she said after the ceremony. “Last year was important, it was so exciting but I was a little fearful we wouldn’t win this year.”

Having conquered TV with her talk show and her hit reality competition America’s Next Top Model, Tyra is turning to the Internet.

“I’m starting an online magazine that is coming out Sept. 8 on Tyra,” she explained. “I’m so excited about it… It’s more from my point of view. The show is going to be on specific topics on a daily basis, this goes a little bit deeper to talk to the community — We cover beauty, fashion, self-esteem, relationships, just like the talk show does but in a more personal way because the user can go back and forth with me. I’m also going to be discovering stars. I’m going to discover models there, I’m going to be discovering people who work behind the scenes, doing a lot of mentoring and it’s fun.”

Tyra turned heads at the Daytime Emmys with her slender figure, prompting questions of “how’d you do it?” But she’s not telling… yet.

“It’s a big old secret and I think you’re going to be able to see it Sept. 11 [on her show]… I talk about what I did to get in shape. A hint is it was a challenge amongst friends that I won.”

Even though Tyra’s proven herself in just about every form of media, she still has a desire to take on the silver screen.

“I would like to make films,” she confessed. “I’d love to produce films and I’d also love to produce a scripted television show. I know reality backwards and forwards with my eyes closed blindfolded, upside down. I can produce reality. I think the next challenge would be scripted as well as film.”

Reporting By Carole Glines

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