On Ugly Betty last week, Jesse did a smitten Betty wrong by making out with her pretty (petty?) coworker/roomie Amanda. That’s so not right!

We know Amanda made amends, but will Betty ever cross paths again with the cutie wannabe rocker?

She sure will! Sources close to the show tell me that Val Emmich, who plays Jesse, will return to series next year. “We’ll definitely be seeing more of him,” the source spills.


Yeah, it’s kind of difficult to avoid your unrequitted crush when he lives across the hall!


In his defense, Val swears to me that Jesse was "completely oblivious to Betty’s feelings. He’s a very genuine person and that’s part of the problem," Val declares. "He says what he feels without thinking. If you’re someone like Betty who is looking for hints then his easy-going manner could be taken the wrong way."

New Yorkers got a chance to see the real-life musician in action last night as he played a set from his new album, "Little Daggers," at the Canal Room in New York City.


"My intention was to make a smart pop record and to prove that that wasn’t a contradiction," he laughs.  Having his music played on the series has also been a plus. "The fact that the show embraced the music makes the experience extra rewarding," he says.


Let’s hope the rewards for Betty aren’t just platonic the next time around.


Ugly Betty airs tonight, Thursday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. on ABC.



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