Is Jax Taylor‘s romance with Brittany Cartwright falling apart at the seams?
Jax has said many times on Vanderpump Rules that he has left his bad boy ways behind now that he has met his perfect woman, Brittany. However, in a clip from next week’s episode, the young couple simply cannot stop fighting! Their bickering gets so bad that their friends beg for them to stop so that they can have a bit of peace as they share their mobile home during a Sonoma road trip.
Fights are not the only cause for concern in Jax and Brittany’s relationship. As reported, just weeks ago, Jax was allegedly caught in a Philadelphia club getting a little too friendly with the ladies. “Jax was acting like a total mess and a complete man w****e,” an eyewitness claimed. “He had his hands all over almost every single pretty girl at the club.”
Jax, who has admitted to cheating on past girlfriends, appeared flustered when confronted on the matter by Andy Cohen, however, he ultimately denied stepping out on Brittany.

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