Susan Boyle sang Monday in front of a big crowd in New York on Today. Susan warmed her fans up by singing their favorite song “I Dreamed a Dream” first in Rockefeller Plaza. It’s been seven months since Susan made her Britain’s Got Talent debut and she said, “I’ve grown up a bit. I’ve become more of a lady. I don’t swivel my hips as much, you know?”

Susan’s singing brought tears to her fans eyes who also wore matching red scarves in support.

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Susan said her mother had always encouraged her to try out for Britain’s Got Talent and she finally did last spring.

During a break in her concert Susan said, “My mother was a very lovely person, very unique and very caring.”

Susan also sang Madonna’s song “You’ll See” that she believes is the answer to the classmates who teased her growing up and the teachers who beat her regularly with a  belt.

“That was a statement I was trying to make, because I was bullied a lot at school: ‘You may have done that to me when I was younger, but you can’t do it to me anymore,'” Susan said softly. “‘I’m grown up now.’”

“The things which mattered to me before Britain’s Got Talent, they still matter to me now: my faith, my friends, family,” Susan explained. “I’m not so cooped up now; I’m part of the world.”

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