Despite his inability to meet standard court deadlines and a federal judge’s ruling against his claims, Jon Eardley, the attorney who says he represents Britney Spears, vowed Wednesday to continue his fight.

"We have only just begun the fight," Eardley said in a statement. "There is nothing that will stop me from dismantling, if necessary, this oppressive and unjust conservatorship."

On Feb. 1, a California court appointed Brit’s father, Jamie Spears, conservator over her personal and business affairs. A court approved attorney, Andrew Wallet, was named co-conservator and another attorney, Samuel Ingham, was appointed as the singer’s lawyer.

Eardley still claims Britney, 26, hired him on Feb. 12; however, lawyers for Jamie Spears argued that Eardley’s claims were invalid because under the conservatorship, Britney is not legally able to hire her own counsel.

Yesterday, Federal District Judge Philip Gutierrez ruled the state court’s appointment of Sam Ingham precluded Eardley from acting as Britney’s lawyer. Judge Gutierrez also ruled the case would remain in state court, not federal court as Eardley sought, because Eardley had no authority to move it.

Since the conservatorship was established, Jamie Spears has managed to quiet his daughter’s usual out-of-control lifestyle which, over the past year, has spiraled downward into a whirlwind of craziness, including a stint in rehab, British accents, pink wings and, ultimately, Britney’s hospitalization and the loss of custody and visitation rights with her sons.

Eardley claims the conservatorship violates Britney’s civil rights and that her conservators are not acting in her best interest.

The conservatorship has been extended on two occasions and remains in effect until March 10.

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