You can own and wear the Lucky Brand ‘Grave Diggers Ball Club’ T-shirt and leather Nike sneakers (pictured) that Justin Timberlake wore in Alpha Dog too. JT’s not your style? Would you prefer the khaki trench coat Bruce Willis wore in Lucky Number Slevin? Or, for the females, Mandy Moore’s Dolce and Gabbana dress from Because I said So? The 4th of July costume Scarlett Johansson squeezed into in The Nanny Diaries for next Halloween? Perhaps the snowman costume Billy Bob Thornton wore in Bad Santa?

I got an interesting email today telling me that Hollywood Roadshow will have all of these items and more one-of-a-kind movie props up for auction Nov. 17. The auction will be live at the Premiere Props Warehouse in California, but anyone can bid at the same time on eBay or The preview period will be 9-11am and the auction will begin at 11am. Check out for more information. Happy bidding.

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