Have you ever felt like the universe was trying to tell you something? Sometimes it comes as a faint whisper, like when you’re debating whether to go out, look outside to see pouring, freezing rain and decide to stay in. Other times it screams so loud it’s almost impossible to discard as anything other than a higher power working against you- or for you. Tuesday I went to Mexico for my first ‘vacation’ in recent memory. I travel a lot, often to amazing vacation-like places, but they more often than not fall under the veil of work. This trip with my roommate Amber was strictly vacation. Vacation to me is a time to do all the things you don’t have time to do in day-to-day life at home. Vacation to Amber is sleep and relax. I arrived with a full list of things to do like blog, read a book, research and write a book (the outline and first chapter at least), wrap up some projects, brainstorm new ones, work out daily to be fit for a slinky dress NYE etc…So you can imagine my frustration when I learned our tropical paradise all-inclusive resort didn’t have wireless internet anywhere except the manager’s office! It’s 2007 people, what five-star resort doesn’t have internet access??? This threw a bit of a wrench in my plans, but I decided to make the most of it and I brought my blackberry to the beach. Amber kept telling me I should put the blackberry away and relax but being the geek that I am I enjoy working because ticking off things on my ‘to do’ list relaxes me! Someone didn’t think so because it was early on the second day of our five-day stay that my blackberry fell in the water! Since it’s not designed to swim my blackberry didn’t show signs of life until the next day when it was still sweating and not really operating. It only got worse from there when the battery wouldn’t hold a charge anymore and it was completely lifeless by day three. Like it or not, I was forced to ‘relax’ and lay in the sun doing nothing but reading and ‘relaxing.’ It was…relaxing. For some reason that I can not explain but will not question further – I woke up this morning, my first back at home in NYC – and my blackberry works again good as new. Happy Holidays ;)xo

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