Yes, we’ve all heard by now that Zac Efron quietly went to rehab a few months ago but is now out and is happy, healthy, and as hot as ever. But what we don’t know is what the cause of his visit was, exactly. See what people all over the internet are speculating and feel free to form your own opinions and/or continue to be in denial like we are.

E! Online, who were the first to report the news, claim that the rehab stint was purely for alcohol abuse. HERE’s the scoop.

Just Jared also posts that Zac went in for alcohol, but later updated their post to say that he did in fact go to rehab for cocaine. HERE’s what they said.

Gawker also is reporting that Zac went to rehab for a “serious” cocaine problem. Read about it HERE.

NY Daily News claims that the coke problem became “uncontrollable” when he filmed his movie “Neighbors” with Seth Rogen. HERE are the details.

USA Today also states that Zac may have “dabbled” in Molly. Deets HERE.

People doesn’t say why Zac went to rehab, but insists that now he is “taking care of himself and it shows.”

US Weekly insinuates that Zac’s stint could’ve had something to do with his friends and that he is now “cutting those toxic people out of his life.” Ouch. Read about it HERE.

As for us here at We just hope that Zac has kicked whatever habit it was that brought him to rehab in the first place and that he’s back to his normal, talented, good-looking self now and forever. Get well soon, Zac!

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