February 10
Today’s celeb birthdays
1967: Laura Dern (44)
1974: Elizabeth Banks (37)
1991: Emma Roberts (20)

Home, family, domestic issues? What a lot of mixed emotions are running through your mind and heart. No wonder you’re feeling so intense. What you need and deserve right now is some time out to lighten your load and your mood. Try to arrange that today. Call me to hear when you must keep your hopes high.

There are positive events on the not too distant horizon, Aries, but there are also some more immediate irritating hitches that need to be nipped in the bud before you can progress. Today, deal intelligently with details and difficult people who could otherwise scupper your plans. Call me to hear when to avoid mean-minded people.

There’s kismet at work today, Taurus, and it’s making a bee-line straight for you! It could be a soul-mate, a new interest or an intensely personal experience that’s waiting at the end of a trip or excursion. But if you don’t go, you’ll never know. Call me to hear when you must find a way to lighten your workload.

There are occasions when it pays to pull our punches, or when for the sake of the story we choose to gild the lily, or even when it’s appropriate to be economical with the truth. Today, isn’t one of those days, however. Today, honesty is vital – especially with money. Call me to hear when to avoid someone who will bring your mood down.

At times you can act a little too tough. You know that yourself but sometimes it’s important to be reminded. Like today, for example. Taking an obsessive, inflexible stand will work against you. Best to ease up. So much easier and more enjoyable for your relationships. Call me to hear when the past is likely to catch up with you.

The path of true romance is hardly ever a smooth one. There are very few roses without any thorns, but that doesn’t put us off enjoying the exquisite beauty of the flower. If your love life is anything less than perfect today, it’s worth keeping that thought in mind. Call me to hear when to expect difficult news.

Do your sums right, attend to the minutiae and expect to negotiate around a few humps in the road. There’s a mixture of excitement and apprehension in the air as you deal with travel, business and legal affairs. Getting your head around matters at a distance is challenging, too. Call me to hear how to avoid a financial difficulty.

The stars continue to focus on your home and domestic set-up. Have you embarked on those serious home improvements yet? Are you investing in new equipment for your house? Or perhaps planning a move? Changes lie ahead and a few hoops and hurdles, too. Just stay on course. Call me to hear when you must avoid coming across as a wet blanket.

You can sometimes be over-controlling and dogmatic, Scorpio, and that kind of behavior won’t do you any favors at all today. Deep talks, lots of sympathy and plenty of understanding are what’s required right now, especially if you’re hoping to regenerate an important relationship. Call me to hear when you must stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Of all the signs, you can be the worst procrastinator of the lot. When it comes to finances, work or wellbeing, you’re up against the wire and you’ve run out of excuses. So don’t waste any more time today. Just get on with the job in hand. Call me to hear when to avoid a certain party-pooper.

What do you do when you get an invitation or a gift you don’t want or don’t like? Should you be honest and risk hurting someone’s feelings, or should you stay schtum and pretend you’re overjoyed? You’re faced with a moral dilemma. Let your answer be the right one. Call me to hear when you must be more sensitive towards other people.

Either someone is trying to pull your strings, or else you yourself are doing a very good job of manipulation. Either way, beware! Beware, too, if you meet someone new. Carefully look at what’s going on behind all that charm. Follow your head not your heart today. Call me to hear when to avoid a financial disappointment.

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