February 19
1954: John Travolta (57)
1964: Matt Dillon (47)
1968: Molly Ringwald (43)

You have arrangements and people to see but, the truth is you may not be up for any kind of socializing. Is it you who’s being over-sensitive or others who are coming across too assertive? Just check that your take on life isn’t slightly one-sided today. Call me to hear when you must put security first.

Arrangements you’re making, or a creative project you’re involved in, reach a critical point. It’s the end of the week and, in some ways, the end of an era. Looking for a new job? This could be a good time to put the feelers out. Call me to hear when to prepare for a disruptive day.

It’s further than you expected, noisier than you thought, more crowded than you’d like and less straightforward into the bargain. But you’re full of high spirits and up for some lively entertainment. You’re also keen to finish what you started. Tonight, that sense of accomplishment feels great. Call me to hear when a friend makes your life difficult.

What’s happening at your house, Gemini? It’s teeming with activity and with people coming and going. If you’re meeting up with acquaintances, make sure they’re the supportive kind otherwise you’ll end up feeling both frustrated and out of pocket. Tonight, a deeper intimacy develops. Call me to hear when family and home are in turmoil.

It’s not like you to get carried away on a mad spending frenzy – something that you’re in danger of doing today. If you find yourself raiding the piggy bank, you can blame it on the Full Moon! A domestic matter may grate. Tonight, a deeper understanding grows. Call me to hear when to avoid a trip causing a problem.

Life has had a few ups and downs for you lately and you’ve coped magnificently. So don’t treat today’s events as if it were the last straw. Make it instead the day you bring one phase of your life to an end so you can start on a brand new one. Call me to hear when a financial matter causes a ruckus.

Slow everything down and lavish yourself with some tlc this morning. If you find you’re moodier, more irrational or elated than usual, it’s the Full Moon bringing emotions to the surface. Can’t run to the expense of a night out? Stay in and cuddle up instead. Call me to hear when to avoid a falling out with someone close.

A last-minute change to your social arrangements means you’ll probably need to rethink your entire plans for the day. Once you’re over the initial irritation, though, you may discover that the alternatives are even more interesting. Home is a nice place to be! Call me to hear when your routine is thrown into chaos.

Your star pattern suggests you’re filled with certain niggling fears and anxieties that are preventing you from spreading your wings. Perhaps you need a little backup. If so, turn to a friend or colleague who, you’ll find, will be happy to give you moral courage and support. Call me to hear when someone’s eccentricities cause annoyance.

You may well be proved right in the end, Sagittarius, but try not to alienate those you need to be on your side with your ideas today. A journey, a course, legal matter or report is finally completed. Accounts? Put in one last Trojan effort and finish the job. Call me to hear when to avoid a conflict between work and home.

Watch out, Capricorn! That green-eyed monster, jealousy, is doing the rounds. Keep your head down and stay out of his way. There’s official business to take care of, but only start those jobs you know you’re going to be able to finish. Today, make a fresh start. Call me to hear when the unexpected messes up your plans.

It’s a pain when your routine gets messed up – which it’s likely to do – given today’s Full Moon that’s making things go pear-shaped. Pursuing a sticky financial matter may just lead you up a blind alley. A certain relationship turns an important corner tonight. Call me to hear when a lack of cooperation makes you see red.

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