A lawsuit against Hulk Hogan was filed on behalf of John Graziano — the man who was critically injured a car crash with Hogan’s son Nick Bollea in August 2007. The lawsuit claims that Hogan and estranged wife Linda are liable as the parents of Nick. Graziano was severely injured in the accident and will require care for the rest of his life.


Nineties darlings Smashing Pumpkins are suing their former record label Virgin Records for allegedly illegally using their music in promotional deals. The band says they never agreed to allow their music to be used in promotional deals with Amazon.com and Pepsi. Billy Corgan and Co. are asking for profits earned in the promotion and an injunction against future use of their songs.

Is Cashmere Mafia on the verge of cancellation? The Darren Star-fueled drama is handily being beaten by its Brooke Shields-fronted counterpart, Lipstick Jungle in the ratings game, reports Page Six. And though Lipstick creator Candace Bushnell and Star worked together on Sex and the City, the two are locked in a battle now. ABC says it hasn’t yet decided if it will cancel Mafia.

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