First it was Heidi and Lauren — now there might be drama between Hills star Lauren Conrad and current roommate Audrina Patridge. According to sources, Audrina locks her door when she leaves the apartment the two share because “she doesn’t trust Lauren and gets really annoyed at Lauren’s cats because they pee on her rug and on her bed,” reports Page Six. A rep for Patridge said, “This is ridiculous, Audrina loves living with Lauren.”

John Travolta might love The Little Mermaid a little too much. He took his 8-year-old daughter, Ella, and 26 of her friends to see the Broadway production this past weekend. Travolta was spotted singing along to all the songs and after the show, brought Ella and her friends backstage, where Travolta was seen “touching all the costumes, he looked amazed,” according to a source. “He said he was way, way into the show. He stayed backstage for a while,” reports Page Six. Travolta’s rep explained his fascination by saying “his daughter loves the show so he knows it well.”

Don’t get between My Name Is Earl star Jaime Pressley and the Stone Temple Pilots. The blonde actress turned up at a private performance of the band and, according to a source, demanded to be escorted to the front. After the show, she allegedly threw a fit when band security wouldn’t let her backstage to visit her “friend Scotty” — Scott Weiland — reports Rush & Molloy.

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