Desperate Housewives’ season finale threw us all in tissy when the ladies were tossed five years in the future.

We saw Susan, who had just given birth to Mike Delfino’s baby, kissing on another man! No, Susan, no!


So is her sexy plumber husband gone for good? Even his portrayer, James Denton, can’t say for sure.


"Fortunately, I don’t have to mislead anybody because I’m still in the dark," says James, adding that he’ll find out the fate of his character by the end of the month. "I’m not worried by whether I’ll be back. I just don’t know what capacity it will be."


Mike just got over his drug addiction, after battling amnesia (and that stint in jail!). What more can the poor man take? "There’s talk of all kinds of states for Mike, from being with someone else, all the way to having left in some tragic accident," James reveals.


Life can be tough for a man residing on Wisteria Lane! "None of the guys are safe. We all know that going in. But you just can’t worry about that," says James. "[DH creator] Marc Cherry knows I’m all for whatever’s best for the show. We’ve been on four years and had a great run, so we’ll wait and see what they decide is the best thing for Mike and Susan." And the best thing for us, which is to keep them together!


James is keeping his mind off work and spending some well deserved R&R time outdoors, now that the actor has conquered his seasonal allergies. He’s teamed up with Zagat guides and GlaxoSmithKline for, an online campaign to help fellow allergy sufferers find relief in when they are braving the elements at some of the coolest outdoor spots across the country.


"I’m outside all the time," James says. "The guide is great because it gives you some tips on how you can control your allergies in your favorite outdoor places."


Like on the set of Wisteria Lane? We want you back, James!


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