Nicki Minaj has pushed the boundaries of what it means to be a sexy female star at every twist and turn. Barbie may have seemed like a strange title for the self-proclaimed doll, but she’s proven it’s a perfect fit.

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Whether posing, performing, or sharing her life on Instagram, Nicki appears in an array of ensembles that would make any plastic fashionista jealous. From revealing haute couture to not-so-haute booty shorts and thigh high boots, she fills out her clothes with curves (and confidence) in all the right places. So naturally the world continues to follow her every move, especially on Instagram.

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In the current climate of female empowerment, Nicki has been a constant example of a woman who does not get pushed around. She can wear a tiny leotard or be covered almost entirely from head-to-toe and either way still carries the same energy.

Because her boldness, power and sensuality flow through so clearly, she sets an example for how it isn’t really about what you wear (or don’t wear for that matter)—it’s about what you do with it.

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