Save it for the fantasy suite! If you thought Lizgate 2017 was intense wait till you hear about the storm that is Hurricane Corinne!

It was all eyes on this season’s villain as the 24-year-old “business owner” decided to go where no other bachelor girl has gone before — at least not on the third week during the pre-rose ceremony cocktail party!

The controversial reality star was back in action as she devised a plan to seduce Nick Viall, with lingerie, whip cream, and a trench coat (use your imagination), while having some one-on-one time before the rose ceremony (keep in mind, she already had a rose).

But after a few kisses, “accidental” nip slips, and tastes of cream, Nick decided to pump the brakes on their alone time.

“I’ve been in this situation before and having made the mistakes I have it was best that we slowed things down” Nick confessed in his private interview. “From what I’ve learned about my experience is that every action you make in this environment is not only going to affect you but affect a lot of people.”

“I don’t want to put Corinne in an uncomfortable situation and I don’t want to put the other women in an uncomfortable situation.”

Corinne didn’t take too kindly to Nick’s chivalry and instead broke down in tears to one of her fellow contestants.

“I feel so bad,” she said while crying. “Nothing of my plan happened. We spoke but nothing grew from that. If anything it degraded from that. I feel so stupid. I just want to go home.”

Corinne’s date also left a few girls in tears as many of them began to question what Nick was looking for. #SeriouslyNick

Fast-forward to a few hours later and it was time for the rose ceremony. However, Corinne was nowhere in sight as she didn’t bother to show up. Instead, the princess decided to catch some z’s and remained upstairs, making her the first contestant in Bachelor history to ever miss a rose ceremony!

But clearly in Nick’s world, it’s absence that makes the heart grow fonder as Corinne was later chosen for a group date, which involved the girls dancing with the Backstreet Boys (who somehow became an afterthought during the episode as Hurricane Corinne stole the show).

After Corinne’s B-Boys group date, some more of her tears, Nanny confessions (she told the girls she still had a nanny at the age of 24) and a reconciliation between her and Nick, the Miami native was back on the prowl for her next opportunity to wow the stud.

And of course that perfect time came while in a bouncy house during Nick’s pre-rose ceremony pool party.

While Corinne had some fun straddling and making out with Nick in the inflated castle, the other ladies didn’t take too kindly to her passionate pursuit.

“I think you are making a huge mistake with one girl, Corinne,” Raven told Nick.

Jasmine was then shown asking the bachelor how serious did he think she was taking this.

The episode finally came to a dramatic close with Vanessa (who was given the one-on-one date earlier in the episode) asking Nick if he was “looking for a wife or someone to “f**k around with.”


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