Jenelle Evans is on a vacation, but fans aren’t letting her catch a break!

The Teen Mom 2 star is being slammed by fans for going on vacation with her third baby daddy, David Eason, just about a month after welcoming their daughter, Ensley Jolie. After she posted a selfie of the two outdoors, fans quickly took to social media to criticize her not being at home with her three children.

“Who the f**k takes two vacations in less than a month with a five week old. It is so neglectful an sad,” a user wrote. Another one added, “With all the time spent away from your newborn.. Are you worried she won’t recognize you?”

As fans may know, Jenelle is in the midst of a nasty custody battle against her own mother, Barbara, for custody of her oldest son, Jace, which fans brought up. “How the hell is a judge suppose to give Jace to jenelle when Jenelle doesn’t even want her newborn?,” one user asked. Another one asked, “if you had custody of Jace who would take him back and forth to school while you’re on vacation?”

The mother-of-three defended her trip, which originally was for work. “Yes, I didn’t want to come on this trip to LA but have to because of work. I put up a big fight for a week and they told me it was a huge deal for me to go. Jessica Zalkind, producer, was even calling my phone asking me to go. The doctor told me not to take Ensley just yet,” she told in an exclusive interview.

She added, “Since Monday, and finding out I could have stayed home like Chelsea [Houska], I have changed my flight instead of staying for this upcoming live show on Monday and going home. MTV has still asked me to stay but I told them I’m leaving no matter what I’m told.”

Despite all of the negative feedback, Jenelle agrees with fans! She confessed, “I agree with everyone about leaving Ensley behind and been very upset about missing out on time with her and all my kids. I need to be home right now and work can be paused for the time being.”

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