Not the land!

Jenelle Evans and David Eason settled into the dream home they built together about a year ago, but it’s already falling apart. “There is water under our house. Our house is sinking basically,” she tells her friend. The Vice President from the company that built their home visited the land to inspect the problems…and it didn’t go well! David and the gentleman toured the outside of the home and a few problems were noticed. “My house is sinking,” David told the man before threatening to use Jenelle’s social media following against him. While discussing how the meeting went with Jenelle, David threatened to take the company to court if his house is not fixed. “I don’t want to think that it’s sinking while I’m sleeping,” Jenelle told her husband.

Chelsea Houska was thrilled with the outcome of her court appearance, but Adam Lind’s parents were not! Chelsea told her producer that she ended up telling Aubree the situation her dad is in and she took it great and was understanding. Despite the conversation going great, Chelsea was worried that Adam’s mom, Donna, will mention something to Aubree…which is exactly what happened! After a visit, Cole DeBoer and Chelsea opened up about what went down during the drop off. Donna requested to speak with Chelsea, but Cole denied that happening. Cole also claimed that Donna said everyone was blindsided with the court stuff and left everyone hurt. According to Cole, Donna claimed that Adam doesn’t use drugs and everyone is “lying.” Cole and Chelsea also mentioned how angry they were after learning that Adam’s parents told her that it is all lies.

Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert…take two?! Their daughter, Addie’s birthday was approaching so the two planned on having a combined party since their co-parenting relationship was going so well. Leah dropped a bombshell while she was talking to her friend about Jeremy’s very sweet phone call revealing the two slept together after their divorce!

Kailyn Lowry has a lot on her plate when it comes to her baby daddies! First, Chris Lopez, Lux’s father, won supervised visitation with their one son together, which left Kailyn extremely worried. Before dropping her son off with his dad, she admitted that she felt sick because it seemed as if she was leaving him with a stranger. As for her second baby daddy and ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, the two were forced to hash out some drama regarding Briana DeJesus due to some unexpected news. Javi learned that he is set to deploy again within the next few weeks and would be gone for six months. The two argued over how to move forward with their co-parenting relationship with Briana in the picture.

Despite the drama with Kail, Briana and Javi made their relationship permanent…literally. The new couple were happy in love so they decided to get matching tattoos of chess pieces. During a visit, Javi explained to her his deployment news and she took it a lot better than he expected. She remained positive and assured her boyfriend the two will make it and that in the end, she will be waiting for him in the airport after his 6 month deployment. Javi reminded her how difficult it can get, but she remained optimistic. Javi loved and appreciated her reaction so much…he went out and bought an engagement ring! While showing the ring off to his sister, she warned him that he is moving way too fast.

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