As if we're not jealous enough looking at Adriana Lima pose in her panties in the Victoria's Secret catalog, once a year we get to watch her strut down the runway for the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show (airing Nov. 29 on CBS). Luckily, she's supersweet — so we don't have to hate her because she's beautiful!

Do you love walking in the Victoria's Secret show?

My plan is to be the longest-ever Victoria's Secret Angel walking the runway. So hopefully I can be there until I'm 50 with my wings! [Laughs]

What do you do to feel sexy?

I think to feel sexy you should embrace everything about yourself, sometimes even laugh about your mistakes. I think it's so attractive, your imperfections, if you laugh about it and don't get insecure. I think that's what being sexy is about.

How do you get ready for the runway?

I get into the Zen zone. I listen to my music, and I mediate. Right before I walk onto the runway, I put my perfume on. This year, Sexy Little Things Noir goes well. 

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