Malin Akerman rocks. Literally. The Swedish-born, Toronto-raised stunner started her career singing lead vocals for The Petalstones, and two years ago married the Italian band’s drummer, Roberto Zincone. Next up in her acting career, she stars in the rom-com Couples Retreat, out Oct. 9, alongside Vince Vaughn, Jason Bateman, Kristen Bell and Kristin Davis.

“Vince is hilarious,” says Malin. “The things he comes up with? I don’t know how his brain works.” The 31-year old sat down with OK! in Malibu recently to dish on fashion, family — and why she shaved off her eyebrows!

Couples Retreat sounds like a blast. Was it a fun shoot?
We laughed a lot. It was a big group of comedians — Vince, Jon and Faizon Love. Basically high school kids telling jokes constantly. We were also on Bora Bora for three-and-a-half weeks, so you can’t complain.

Did you girl-bond with Kristen and Kristin?
Absolutely. Especially being on an island — you can’t go anywhere, so you all have dinner together. Kristen Bell and I stay in touch because we live really close.

You recently shaved your eyebrows off for your part in Josh Radnor’s upcoming HappyThankYouMorePlease. How come?
I play a woman who has alopecia universalis, a condition where you lose all the hair on your body — so yes, I had to shave off my eyebrows. We wrapped up my hair. I have a really big forehead, so it just looked like I had no hair.

Is your husband supportive of your career?
He gets more excited for me than I do when I get a role. When I do love scenes, it’s not his favorite thing, but I always introduce him to the people I’m going to make out with so he feels comfortable.

Is trust an important factor in your marriage?
Trust and communication. They have to be there from the beginning. You can’t change a person so don’t go into a relationship thinking that.

Any talk of children?
Yes. But we’re waiting a year or two. Before I started acting, I was [at Canada’s York University] studying to be a child psychologist — I have an infinite love for kids. I’d like biological children but would also love to adopt, especially after going to Africa. There are so many orphans — why wouldn’t you help?

Interview by Patricia Ramos

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