• Chris Evans enjoying a Ciroc cocktail and Playmate at the Playboy Super Bowl party in Indianapolis, IN.


  • A somber Taylor Armstrong and 5-year-old daughter Kennedy had a late lunch at Serendipity 3 in New York.  The twosome split a chicken salad sandwich, chicken soup and Kennedy snacked on a Frrrozen Hot Chocolate for dessert. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star purchased a large diamond paperweight for her child before departing for a Watch What Happens Live appearance.


  • Martha Stewart revealed her Home Office at Staples with Avery in New York.  The domestic goddess dished about her former The Apprentice contestant Bethenny Frankel and called Bethenny a "wild woman".  Martha also recalled that to the soon-to-be talk show host didn't win on the reality show, "We didn't choose her, did we?"  


  • Glee guest star Ricky Martin brought 2 kids and 3 ladies to lunch at Serafina in New York.  Ricky was beaming with happiness while he noshed on pizza in between posing for pictures with appreciative fans.  His table mates drank sodas and iced tea and shared berry tart and torta di mele desserts.

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