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Scott Disick Wants Another Baby With Kourtney Kardashian: 10 Most Shocking Moments From This Week’s ‘KUWTK’


The Kardashian drama doesn’t look like it’s slowing down anytime soon on this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians! (It was yet another action-packed episode, and it wasn’t even all about Kim!) In this week’s episode, the Kardashian-Jenner clan seemed to be returning to normalcy, post-Kim’s Paris robbery, but right when they least expected it, they were rocked by yet another family emergency. If that wasn’t drama enough, Scott Disick made it pretty clear that he still has a thing for his baby mama, Kourtney; and things got even more complicated for the exes when they went on a vacation to Cabo together! Here are this week’s most shocking KUWTK moments:

1. Kim made her first big public appearance post-Paris, but had to leave early after being overcome by anxiety! As OK! readers know, Kim returned to the public eye – weeks after being held at gunpoint – when she attended her husband Kanye West’s concert in Los Angeles. However, what fans didn’t see, until tonight’s episode, was Kim leave Kanye’s concert early after she admitted to feeling anxious because she thought people in the crowd might have a weapon and could possibly try to hurt her.

2. Khloe said she’d always be team Kris Jenner! Khlo$ made sure fans knew where her loyalties lie when she explained that while she supports Caitlyn she will always have her mom’s back.

3. Kris and Caitlyn went to the bathroom together! In a strange turn of events, during Kendall’s 21st birthday dinner, the former couple slipped off to the ladies room together, but not before announcing it to the entire room.

4. Rob pranked his mom in the funniest way possible! The youngest Kardashian called Kris during her birthday dinner and joked that his girlfriend Blac Chyna’s water broke, and he was headed to the hospital. Kris was nearly in her car on the way to meet him before Rob confessed that he was only kidding.

5. Scott said this time next year he and Kourt should have their fourth kid! While visiting Chyna in the hospital, after she and Rob welcomed their first child together, Lord Disick joked that he and Kourtney would be back in the hospital the following year to welcome their next child. While Kourtney quickly brushed off his comments, Khloe seemed confused as the two rushed off from the hospital to head to Cabo for a vacation with just them and their kids.

6. Khloe said if anyone asks her, Kourt and Scott are “f*cking!” 

7. Caitlyn and Khloe finally sat down and talked out all of their issues. Caitlyn said that no one in the family calls her and she thought it might have been because she transitioned. However, Khloe quickly set the record straight and clarified that it’s been a huge blow not having her stepfather in her life, and she felt like no one let her digest the fact that she lost Bruce and gained someone totally different, with a different personality. So, it wasn’t that she transitioned; it was that she lost someone she’d known since she was five and didn’t get the chance to grieve his loss.

8. Scott kinda sorta admitted to kissing Kourt during their Mexican vacation! He also admitted that he’s not sure why he and Kourtney aren’t together and didn’t feel like there was a difference in their relationship on the trip compared to when they were actually romantically involved. He later told Khloe that Kourtney still turns him on, and confessed that she’s the love of his life and he can’t see himself with anyone else.

9. Kourtney seemed open to the idea of having another child with Scott. When Khloe asked the mom-of-three if she might want another kid with her baby daddy, Kourtney said she wasn’t sure, which was a far cry from how she felt months prior. However, Kourt did tell Khloe that she needs to see if Scott can be consistent before getting back with him or even opening the door up for that possibility.

10. Kim got the call about Kanye’s infamous breakdown minutes after arriving in New York City for what was supposed to be her triumphant return to the spotlight! Just as she arrived at her hotel room with her mom and sister, Kourtney, for the Angel Ball, one of Kanye’s friends called the mom-of-two to tell her the bad news.

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