WATCH: Heartbreaking! Adam Lind Is A No-Show For A Father-Daughter Dance With Aubree!

Well, looks like Cole DeBoer was happy to take on the daddy role at Aubree‘s father-daughter dance!

In a sneak peek for Teen Mom 2, Chelsea Houska prepares her 6-year-old daughter for her dance. Aubree explains to her mother that she asked her teachers for permission to bring both her father, Adam Lind, and Chelsea’s fiancé, Cole.

“If your dad does call, do you want to go with Cole and your dad, or just your dad?,” Chelsea asks her. “Cole and my dad,” Aubree replies. Chelsea compliments her daughter and says, “you’re a nice girly, that’s nice of you to include him.”

Aubree explains to her mother that it’s important to include Cole in a night like this because he is her “other daddy.”

Watch the sweet mother-daughter moment in the clip above! Teen Mom 2 airs Monday night at 10pm ET on MTV! 

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