'When It Happens'

Did Alex Rodriguez Just Let It Slip That He & Jennifer Lopez Are Getting Engaged?

J-Lo's new song is about women waiting for their man to finally pop the question.

Alex Rodriguez has perfected the art of keeping it cute and keeping it on mute, but he may have just let it slip that an engagement between him and Jennifer Lopez is at the very least a possibility.

The former Yankee player, 42, tried to deflect when asked about his plans to marry Jennifer, 48, while on the Tonight Show on Thursday, May 11.

To ease into the engagement conversation, Jimmy Fallon first asked Alex about J-Lo’s new single, “El Anillo,” which translates to “The Ring.” The song is about women waiting for their significant other to finally pop the question – something Alex said he knew about all too well.

“I’m reading the piece of paper like this and it’s the song,” A-Rod told Jimmy, recalling the night Jennifer asked him to come to a music studio to hear “El Annillo” for the first time. “I know nothing about music. I read the song and I go, ‘Babe, it sounds like they’re talking about us.’ And she goes, ‘Yeah! They made it for me.’ I heard it for the first time and I knew it was going to be a smash the first time I heard it.”

Jimmy then said, “Oh, it’s a giant hit, but now everyone’s probably going to ask you, ‘Where’s the ring?’ Where is it? Are you thinking about it?”

“I wasn’t thinking about it,” Alex responded before deflecting with a joke. “When it happens, Jimmy, you’ll be the first to know!”

Keep in mind: he said, “when it happens,” not if it happens.

Just the night before, on Wednesday, Jennifer also appeared on the Tonight Show and she made it clear that while there was “no pressure,” for Alex to pop the question, she like, “all women,” can relate to her song’s narrative.

“The song is definitely about [getting engaged],” she said. “It is, but I felt like it was kind of something that all women get to a point where they say, ‘OK, what’s up?’ [points to ring finger] Like, we’re good, everything’s great, what’s going on? Am I staying or am I [going]?’”

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