WATCH: Gary Shirley Reveals How Many Children Amber Portwood’s Fiancé Really Has In A New Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek

Well that argument escalated fast!

During a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom OG, Gary Shirley took it upon himself to make his ex Amber Portwood aware of just how many children her current fiancé Matthew Baier has.

After Gary waved a stack of papers, Amber finally got out of the vehicle to see what he was up to. He asked Amber just how many kids Matt told her he has and she responded, “two.” However, according to the papers Gary obtained it says he has “seven.”

Amber was clearly not happy about Gary confronting her regarding this issue in front of the camera crew and storms away with the papers in hand.

Watch the clip above to see the tense moment between Gary and Amber! Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 10/9c on MTV.

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