Amber Rose's New SlutBox Is Exactly What You Need In Your Life

The 34-year-old sex symbol is encouraging fans to 'join the movement.'

Rosebuds and rosestuds — get excited! Amber Rose has managed to take sexy to another stratosphere with her latest endeavor, the SlutBox. And yes, it’s just as hot as it sounds! The activist, entrepreneur, and social media sensation is taking her Slutwalk to the next level. For the past several years, Amber has publicly fought back against victim-blaming and the harmful effects of stereotyping, using her platform to be a voice of empowerment and raise awareness about gender inequality.

And what better way to empower yourself than by owning your sexuality? SlutBox by Amber Rose isn’t your every subscription box, as you can imagine. It’s a fearless and feminist monthly subscription box sent each month to celebrate the fierceness of you.

“SlutBox is inclusive. SlutBox is bold. SlutBox is confident. SlutBox is sexy. Join me every month and let’s start a movement,” says Amber.

So what exactly is in each box? Well every moth will be different, but each SlutBox includes everything from beauty and body care to safe sex tools and useful activism how-to’s.

The first month’s box will feature companies LeLo, Pastease, Flirt Cometics and The HoneyPot Co.

Claim your space on the waiting list now at and follow them at @myslutbox — it’s going to be fun ride.

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