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Scary Skinny Bella Hadid Considering Rib Removal!

Bella Hadid shocked crowds with her bony body at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but now she is allegedly considering drastic measures to lose more weight.

“Bella lost so much weight in the lead-up to the Victoria’s Secret show, but she’s not stopping there,” a source told OK! exclusively. The 20-year-old model is battling illness, and nursing a breakup from singer The Weeknd, but seemingly, her weight has become a central focus in her life.

“It’s a disaster because she’s already on her knees with her Lyme disease but that’s why she’s looking at non-natural ways to slim down even more,” the insider said. “There’s not an inch of fat on her body right now so she’s researching lipo, rib removal and even fat freezing to give her a super-small waist – her big obsession right now.”

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