Back Together? Ben Stiller & Christine Taylor Reunite & You Won’t Believe Why

The couple recently filed for divorce after 17 years of marriage.

It’s been just two weeks since Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor announced they were getting divorced, and already the couple has gotten back together!

Well, sort of.

The couple put aside their differences to reunite for a good cause. In a surprise charity video sponsored by Omaze, Ben and Christine reprised their roles as White Goodman and Kate Veatch from their hit 2004 film, Dodgeball: An Underdog Story.

In the film, Ben’s character White constantly hits on Kate, who’s grossed out by the muscle man’s advances. “I just threw up in my mouth a little,” Christine replies when Ben tries to compliment her in the video.

Maybe Christine didn’t have to act too hard for that moment!

Watch more of the exes’ reunion in the clip above!

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