Briana DeJesus Slams Mom For Scaring Off Javi Marroquin After Her Surgery

‘You should have never done that,’ the ‘Teen Mom 2’ star argued.

Briana DeJesus is not pleased with her mom Roxanne!

In a sneak peek clip from tonight’s Teen Mom 2 episode, Briana confronts her mom about her talk with Javi Marroquin, which caused the Teen Mom 2 dad to flee Miami just hours after Briana’s surgery.

When asked where Javi is, Roxanne replies, “I thought he was coming back.” Briana calls her mom out, saying, “All right, Roxanne. You know that’s not true.”

The night before, Roxanne accused Javi of rushing things with Bri to “be in the spotlight.”

“You should have never done that, sorry,” Briana told her mom, adding, “There was no reason for you to do what you did.”

To see Briana confront Roxanne about her treatment of Javi, watch the clip above!

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