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Briana DeJesus Was Acting Like 'A Crazy Person' During 'Teen Mom 2' Fight & 'Threw A Vase' On-Set

The MTV star and Kailyn Lowry got into a physical altercation during the taping.

Looks like this past Teen Mom 2 reunion will be the most dramatic one yet!
As previously reported, Kailyn Lowry, Briana DeJesus, and Brittany DeJesus got into a physical altercation on stage. While filming the Unseen Moments special, Briana was the last one to come out on stage and she was “ready to fight,” a source told RadarOnline.com, adding that the two immediately “started arguing.” Then Brittany got on stage and pulled Kailyn’s hair.
Days after the show wrapping, more details are still coming out about the explosive fight. “Briana and Brittany were TOLD not to come back on Sunday,” a crew source told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup following the fight. “It wasn’t their decision to not film. They got sent home.” The insider also claimed that Briana was acting like a “madwoman” and had to be taken away by MTV security guards. “The guy is huge and he had her super tight, but Briana kept trying to wiggle out of his grip and was kicking [him] so she could be released,” the crew source said. “She ended up falling to floor and the security guard went with her.”
“She was trying to get to Kail on the stage and when she couldn’t, she was screaming and throwing stuff. She threw a vase that was on-set,” one crew source stated. “The vase shattered and Briana was screaming like a crazy person.”
Unfortunately for Briana, the mother-of-two suffered a wardrobe malfunction during the fight. “Her dress came up and her thong was totally exposed,” the crew source said. “Like, they’re going to have to blur out her butt if they show the footage. She didn’t seem too worried about it, though.”
As Kail said during the last reunion taping which was filmed in October of 2017, she was furious because it felt like Jerry Springer. “The best part of the entire thing is that the audience started chanting ‘Kail! Kail!’ like [they do] on The Jerry Springer Show while it was all going on on-stage,” the insider said about the taping from this past weekend.
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