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She's Devastated! Britney Spears 'Humiliated' Over Upcoming Lifetime Biopic

Britney Spears was not on board for Lifetime’s biopic, Britney Ever After.

While musical acts like New Edition have embraced their pasts, inking deals to create lucrative biographical dramas for today’s audience, Britney is mortified at the thought of re-living her darkest hours, and has refused to have anything to do with the process.

“Her team are furious, while Britney’s just plain devastated,” a source told Heat. “Britney has a deeply troubled history and personal life, and the film delves into that, including the stuff that Britney’s never talked about publicly, so it’s really hard for her. She’s come such a long way, she barely recognizes the girl being depicted in this show.”

Still, despite her best efforts, Britney has not been able to get them to stop the series. “They’ve already tried to shut it down to no avail, and now they’re just hoping it all blows over,” the insider said. “For her crazy past to be the subject of a tacky TV movie for people’s entertainment is the last thing she wants.”

Watch the video and let us know: will you be watching Britney Ever After airs February 18th?

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