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Hero Paramedics Reveal That Britney Spears' Niece Maddie Had No Pulse After Accident

Britney Spears‘ niece Maddie Aldridge is back home with her family after a terrifying ATV accident, but the paramedics who saved her life reveal that she was in very bad shape when they found her.

The paramedics arrived at Jamie Lynn Spears‘ Louisiana compound following a frantic 911 call. When they found young Maddie, her head was stuck in something below the surface of the murky pond where her ATV flipped over. “We went to pull her out but we realized her head was stuck in something. At that point we didn’t know what it was — the water was so dark. It was pond water,” first responder Victoria Ragoonath said.

“When we got to her she was not conscious she was laid across the seat, tangled up in the safety netting that runs around the ATV,” her partner John Fortner shared.

When they finally freed her, she had no pulse.

“John started CPR and I started ventilating her and we were able to place her on the second ATV that was on scene and take her to our ambulance,” said Ragoonath.

They loaded the 8-year-old into the ambulance and were miraculously able to revive her. The rescuers drove her to a nearby helicopter, and she was taken to New Orleans Children’s Hospital.

Tune in to Inside Edition on February 16th for more on Maddie’s amazing story of survival. 

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