Caitlyn's Heartbreak! Jenner Confesses The Devastating Truth About Her Relationships With The Kardashians

Caitlyn Jenner is coming clean.

In a new 20/20 interview this past Friday with Diane Sawyer, Jenner opened up about her relationship with the famous Kardashian family.

“Some [of my children] I have remained very close to,” she says. “A couple of them… I’m a little more distant. I have to admit, I’ll sit here and wonder, ‘Is it because of my transitioning? Or is it because their life is so busy that they don’t call, like, all the time?’”

She continued, “Nobody calls that much,” she continues. “I mostly reach out to them. Obviously, the Jenner side calls more, but they all have their own lives.”

As Caitlyn prepares for her new book to be launched, sources told that Kendall and Kylie Jenner are “really embarrassed” over their dad discussing the penis removal.

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