The Breaking Point! Tyler Baltierra BLASTS Catelynn Lowell Following Her Rehab Stay: 'I Can't Do This Forever!'

Things aren’t going well in the Baltierra household!

In a shocking Teen Mom OG clip, Tyler blasts his wife, Catelynn, over the way she is living her life following her 30 day stint at rehab. “I’m bored, there’s nothing to do around here,” she says before he fires back, “You know what, I am sick of hearing that!” Clearly unhappy with the way he spoke, she tells him to “quit it with the cockiness.”

Since Cate’s return home from the treatment facility, the two of them have been adjusting to their normal lives again, however it hasn’t been easy. “The facility told me not to say nothing, so I’m not saying anything,” he says, before Cate asks him to say his thoughts. “Well I hope you don’t let yourself go back to the way you were, old patterns, behavioral patterns or whatever,” he says.

Tyler describes what he meant by his statement and explains that he isn’t happy with seeing her “walk through life like a living log.” He added, “It’s more of a fear of you know, even saying it out loud, I can’t do this forever, there’s no way, not like this. I guess that would be a way of losing you then, I guess, if that were to ever happen.”

“I feel like my mental illness ruins everything,” Cate says as she breaks down in tears.

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