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Catelynn's Heartbreak! Lowell & Tyler Baltierra Talk About Their Relationship With Carly In An Emotional Clip

The 'TMOG' stars placed their daughter for adoption while on '16 & Pregnant.'

It’s going to be an emotional season!

In a sneak peek clip for Teen Mom OG, Catelynn Lowell, Tyler Baltierra, and their producer, Kerthy, talk about how their life has changed over the years with their first daughter, Carly, whom they placed for adoption. “If you had been sixteen and kept Carly, you might not have Nova,” their producer said to them before Tyler added, “No, we probably wouldn’t have Nova.” Cate replied with a “mhmm,” and walked out of the house.

As fans may know, Tyler and Catelynn placed their first daughter up for adoption during the MTV series 16 & Pregnant. At first, the two were able to visit Carly and kept in contact with her adopted parents, Brandon and Teresa. However, over the years, their relationship has had it’s ups and downs, as seen on the reality series Teen Mom OG.

“How do you think she’s feeling now?,” the producer asked Tyler. He replied, “It’s been two years so now she has more questions and you know, I guess the faith that it’s going to happen again has dwindled down.”

Watch the clip above to hear more of Tyler’s thoughts! Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights at 9pm ET, only on MTV! 

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