Chelsea Houska's Baby Daddy Adam Lind Is Arrested Again!

Get the latest details from the troubled 'TM2' dad's issues with the law.

Adam Lind is back in jail!

Officer Kastner of the Minnehaha County Jail in South Dakota told RadarOnline.com that the former Teen Mom 2 dad was put behind bars for an alleged “new violation of a stalking protection order.” Adding, “He had two warrants, both served on him.” The officer also revealed that Chelsea Houska’s ex and first baby daddy has a court hearing today, May 29th. A bond was not listed, so Adam was not released from jail and won’t be until a bail amount is set by the judge.

Aubree‘s father was taken into custody at 3:37 in the morning and the alleged charges are “violation of a stalking protection order,” “violation of protection or no contact order,” and “non-support of a minor child,” according to the Minnehaha inmate listing report.

As fans many know, Chelsea took Adam back to court to change Aubree’s last name and to adjust their visitation agreement back in January. After his arrests at the end of 2017, Chelsea wanted to adjust Adam’s visitation to take place in a supervised center.

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