WATCH: 'Teen Mom 2' Bombshell! Adam Lind Reveals If He's Returning To The Show!

"I want out of this life."

Is Adam Lind revealing a major Teen Mom 2 secret?

In a sneak peek for the reunion special, Adam addresses his future on the reality television show sitting beside his ex-girlfriend, Chelsea Houska.

“It seems that the one thing this season that jumped out was that father-daughter dance, and um, how come?,” Dr. Drew asks him. “I don’t know, I don’t have to explain myself to you guys anymore, so I’m not going to participate in this anymore. I’m f— over it,” Adam replies.

Dr. Drew questions his statement and asks, “So you’re not going to talk on here, so you’re just going to sit here and not talk?” Adam clarifies, “I’m here because I’m under contract and I have to be here.”

“Not going to give you guys what you want anymore. I’m just done with the show. I don’t want to participate in the show anymore,” he says. “I want out of this life, I’m f— sick of it.”

Watch the clip above to see Chelsea’s reaction to Adam’s confession! Teen Mom 2 reunion special airs Monday night at 9PM ET on MTV! 

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