Chelsea Houska & Cole DeBoer's House Was Robbed — Get The Terrifying Details Here

Plus, Leah Messer learns her daughters don't like her boyfriend.

Chelsea Houska and Cole DeBoer enjoyed a nice family vacation with their kids before returning home to a complete nightmare. Shortly after returning home, Chelsea realized their home was broken into while they were gone. Cole explained what went down when they came home and realized someone broke into their home. “We put the suitcases right there, she had the baby and she walked back to our room and she came out and she went, ‘Wait, something is not right in here.’ I was like, ‘What do you mean?'” After searching their home to see if anyone was hiding, he called the police. At the time, police weren’t able to figure out who broke in and Chelsea wasn’t able to get over it. She admitted that she wants to move again, but Cole wasn’t crazy about that idea.

Leah Messer‘s girls learned that lying is not okay! The mother-of-three has been dating her boyfriend, Jason Jordan, for months now and they kind of moved in with him following the flood that damaged their home. Unfortunately, Leah’s girls weren’t too crazy about him due to his parenting techniques. Leah hasn’t had a significant other in years, so the girls were trying to adjust to having another parent around.

Jenelle Evans is fighting with another Teen Mom star. The mother-of-three claimed that Teen Mom OG star Amber Portwood was using her name for “attention,” and naturally, a social media war broke out. The ladies went back and forth on Instagram Live slamming each other over a variety of things. As for Jenelle, the MTV is not allowed to go down to film her since her husband, David Eason, continues to threaten the crew, so they need to only FaceTime her.

Briana DeJesus and her boyfriend John took a major step in their relationship…he met her mom, Roxanne! John flew down to Florida to meet her two daughters, Nova and Stella, and the rest of the family. Even though Briana told her mom that they are taking their relationship day by day, that didn’t stop Roxanne from asking the hard questions! In the end, Roxanne gave Briana her stamp of approval.

Kailyn Lowry is just watching out for her little sister! After her sister, Mikaila, told her that she’s expecting a baby, the MTV star wanted to make sure she was ready for the arrival of her little one. The mother-of-three flew to Dallas to throw her sister her baby shower and to make sure that she is set to become a first time mommy!

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