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Poor Aubree! Chelsea's Daughter Admits To Feeling Jealous After Watson Cole's Birth

'Teen Mom 2' Houska struggled with lecturing to her upset 7-year-old.

Aubree became a big sister to Watson Cole this year, but it wasn’t off to a great start!

In a Teen Mom 2 promotion clip, Chelsea Houska lectures her 7-year-old daughter over the attitude that she has been having at that time. “Your attitude has been so bad lately and so negative and I don’t even understand why! Why do you think you’ve been so crabby,” Chelsea asked. “Maybe I’m just tired sometimes but I don’t feel it,” Aubree replied.

“I think things changed after Watson was born, that’s when you started being crabby,” Chelsea told her. The heartbroken big sister said, “It’s just because he’s so cute and when I have to go to bed, you guys get to be with him and I have to try to go to sleep.”

Watch the heartbreaking clip above! Teen Mom 2 airs tonight at 9pm ET, only on MTV! 

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