Watch! Corey Feldman Injures Himself Chasing Aaron Carter Around The House In 'Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition' Sneak Peek

The actor slipped and hit his knee on the tile floor.

Corey Feldman suffers a painful injury after chasing Aaron Carter around the house in a sneak peek of the Friday, December 6 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition. The incident begins when Corey starts playfully teasing the singer about his smoking habit, but it quickly escalates and culminates in the former child star falling and hitting his knee on the tile floor.

“We were talking c**p about your smoking habits,” Corey tells Aaron. “I know what you’re talking about pal,” Aaron responds. “Go light ’em up,” Corey continues. “I could still kick your a** though,” Aaron tells him, which prompts Corey to get up from the dining room table and throw something at Aaron.

Corey pops a cigarette in his mouth and runs outside to chase Aaron, and that’s when the trouble begins. In an attempt to get away from the “I Want Candy” singer, the Stand By Me star runs inside to the living room and slips on the slick tile floor.

“I went crashing right into the tile. It was really painful,” Corey explains in a confessional with his wife Courtney Mitchell and brother Eden Feldman. “He should not have been running in those shoes at his age,” Eden notes.

Aaron finds humor in the situation and denies being the cause of Corey’s nasty spill. “I did not inflict any pain on Corey. He brought this on himself. I told him don’t mess with a young buck,” he quips in a confessional.

Watch the above video to see how it all went down, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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