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Desperate Taylor Swift Begs Meghan Markle To Be Her BFF After Girl Squad Crumbles

The singer will try ANYTHING to make her clique cool again.

Taylor Swift has been out of the spotlight for some time now, noticeably soon after her split from Tom Hiddleston. But it turns out she isn’t devastated about her breakup, not with Tom at least!

The singer is working on rebuilding her squad, and she reportedly wants to start by snagging Meghan Markle! As OK! previously reported, Taylor once had the world at her feet with besties including Selena Gomez and Gigi Hadid, but they’ve fallen by the wayside, and now she wants potential royalty!

An insider told OK! exclusively, “Taylor’s team has reached out to Meghan requesting a girly lunch. Taylor’s determined to include her in her inner circle and is willing to fly to Canada to meet up with her if necessary.” She’s certainly doing a lot!

However, she’d understandably rather go to extremes than face a depleted squad coming into summer. Sunday brunch is never fun by oneself!

The insider added, “Taylor’s always wanted to crack the aristocratic set and is trying to reconnect with Ed Sheeran, who’s in with the Royal Family. She’s met Prince William in the past but befriending Meghan is her top priority.”

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