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Watch: Elisabeth Moss Shows Off Her Twerking Skills on ‘Ellen!’

She attempts to redeem herself from a previous dancing disaster.

Elisabeth Moss is a Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning actress, but how well does she fare in the art of twerking?

Ellen DeGeneres put her skills to the test on her show’s latest episode, which was designed for The Handmaid’s Tale star to redeem herself from a previous dancing disaster that occurred a couple of years back.

Amid talks of her Hulu series and having to go through airport security with her Golden Globe in check, Elisabeth also had to discuss her horrific dancing skills that happened on an episode of Ellen back in 2014.

During a game of Head’s Up, Elisabeth attempted to do what her version of twerking was, and it clearly… wasn’t (think of a hyped-up version of Elaine’s dance skills on Seinfeld). “What is that? It’s not anything! It’s not a dance of any kind!” she embarrassingly admitted.  “i think I misunderstood what twerking was, which is so embarrassing.”

Now she knows what twerking really is, and wants to redeem herself from that twerk’tastrophe which she does flawlessly! “That’s better!” Ellen admitted.  So maybe we’ll see Elisabeth in a future version of Step Up, perhaps?

Watch the hilarious clip above! How do you think Elisabeth did with her twerking? Sound off in the comments! 





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