'Your Career Is Over!' Kendra Wilkinson Gave Farrah's DAD A Lap Dance & Now The Teen Mom Is Freaking Out

The feud is still brewing!

Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition co-stars Farrah Abraham and Kendra Wilkinson went on the show and attempted to fix the problems within their families, but clearly now they have their own drama!

Since promotion began for the We TV series, the Teen Mom OG star and Kendra On Top star haven’t been blasting each other. In an interview with The Dirty, Farrah said, “Kendra was doing dances and weird sexual dances at my dad with my mom in the room.” Adding, “I think my parents equally want nothing to do with her and are disgusted by her behavior. When I saw this I literally can only imagine what kind odd open marriage agenda her and her husband have.”

And now, it’s Kendra’s turn! The Dirty also reached out to the former Girl Next Door star about Farrah’s comments. “Farrah’s comments are beneath me,” adding, “I have no idea what her statements even mean.” And it seems that Kendra didn’t like Farrah’s parents, too! She said, “They have serious issues that I hope they resolve.” She continued, “It’s quite obvious she’s using my family’s name for fame.”

And Farrah wasn’t done yet! She tweeted about Kendra, “Sorry remember you talked about my family first I guess your career is over and your using mine for attention/ stop talking about mine not ok.”

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