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Is Gigi Wasting Away? Hadid 'Barely Nibbles On Veggies'

Although Gigi Hadid famously chowed down on her favorite burger with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show, she’s stick skinny these days and “barely nibbles on veggies,” a source told OK! exclusively.

“Constantly being around rail-thin girls finally got to her.” And the competition is definitely fierce. Even the 22-year-old model’s friend and collaborator Tommy Hilfiger stated, and then retracted, that Gigi wasn’t “quite as thin” as the other models walking in his 2015 fashion show. Ouch!

“She started feeling like she was too fat for the high-fashion world,” the source added. “But she’s clearly taking the dieting a bit far. It’s getting scary.”

What do you think about Gigi’s eating habits? Does she look like she needs to go back to scarfing down cheeseburgers? Sound off in the comments!

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