Girls Covet Blake Lively's Luscious Locks

Has Serena Van der Woodsen’s hair style become the new Rachel Greene? NYC salon owner John Barrett says yes. Blake Lively has earned the title from Jennifer Aniston, whose hairstyles were mimicked in the 1990s. “It’s aspirational hair,” John tells The New York Times. He said clients, “don’t just want the hair, they want the life.”

With Gossip Girl becoming an increasing hit with women ages 18-34, it’s no surprise that Serena’s hair is coveted. Both Blake and her TV character seem to be a fan of the messy, tasseled, shiny hair look as well.

In the last six months, Blake’s cut has been John’s most requested at his Salon in Bergodorf Goodman in Midtown.

“I didn’t really realize the extent of it,” Blake told the NYT of her hair’s popularity.

However, it’s hard to ignore when fashion forerunners like Vogue staffers routinely approach her at events and fixate on her hair, she said.

“That’s always kind of odd, but unbelievably flattering,” Blake admits.

Despite the demographic for Gossip Girl, women of all ages are requesting the Blake style.

Laura Kennedy, 44, is a client at John’s salon who got the cut.

While its fitting for 21-year-old girls like Blake, it also “kind of transcends,” Laura said. “It’s a good look.”

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