OK! Exclusive Preview: Graceland’s Paige Asks For An Unusual Favor

In this exclusive clip from the hit USA show Graceland, the team is devising a plan to bust up the Sarkissian organization.

Jakes and Johnny are throwing around ideas and one piques Paige’s interest. They want Paige to make it appear like she’s getting busy with other men to make their target jealous.

“I need one of you to suck on my neck … I need a hickey.” Evidence, right? All in the name of the case, of course.

“I mean I’ll do it. If it’s for the case,” volunteers Jakes. And to make it even more awkward, Charlie returns from Florida at the most opportune time and sees the neck biting go down.

Gotta love teamwork!

Check out Graceland on Thursday, Aug 6th at 10pm on USA!

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