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How To Get Sarah Hyland's Beach Wave Hair: Watch

Modern Family's key hair stylist Jessica Elbaum teaches us.

We’ve all been there – you fantasize over your favorite celebrities’ beach waves but no matter how hard you try, your’s never looks as good. It’s the worst feeling ever but lucky for us Modern Family’s key hair stylist Jessica Elbaum taught us the secret to achieving the perfect loose curl in 7 easy steps. Get this: not only does it take less than 15 minutes, but you don’t even need a curling iron to do it!

Here’s how to get it:

  1. Section hair and spray texture spray on each section evenly
  2. Curl each section in opposite directions
  3. Curl the front section away from the face
  4. Finish with a light hold hairspray
  5. Smooth out ends with hair oil
  6. For extra volume, use texture spray in your roots
  7. Brush curls with a wide tooth comb

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