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Jay Z & Beyonce CANCEL Adoption Plans After Twin Baby Bombshell

Jay Z and Beyonce canceled their plans to adopt a child after the pop singer learned that she was pregnant with twins!

The famous couple had suffered from heartbreaking fertility issues for years, but determined to grow their family no matter what, they began looking into adoption. Then, the impossible happened!

“They had finalized papers to adopt a child and were on the hunt for an orphan to take home when the IVF worked,” a source told RadarOnline.com. “It was incredible timing.”

Bey struck joy in the hearts of fans with her surprise twin announcement, but the pregnancy meant that plans to take in an orphan were off the table. “Thankfully they’d not yet started visiting orphanages so they hadn’t bonded with any kids yet,” the insider explained. “Solange actually predicted this would happen — that they’d stop worrying about their fertility issues when they started the adoption process.”

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